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Top Tamp Labeling Machine

Model No.: LS-450

Top Tamp Labeling Machine

Top Tamp Labeling Machine LS-450 is ideal for labeling recessed areas and irregular shape items that demand precise label placement.

  • Labeling accuracy: +/-0.5mm
  • The tamp pad guarantee NO Bubble labeling
  • PLC Program. The HMI touch screen Input
  • 50 job set-ups job memory for recall
  • Stand alone on a high-end floor stand with caster wheels,
  • Double guided stem pneumatic cylinder ensures precise delivery of the label in a consistent fashion
  • Pressing label unit will get label well attached
  • Through Beam Optic Fiber Sensation System to get perfect product Positioning
  • Simple Adjustment of labeling head by Hand Wheel with Position Indicator
  • Customized placement for product orientation
  • Activated by Foot Pad or Photocell

  • Hot Stamping Coding Machine(PE-200,PM-200)/Ink jet printer
  • LION Clear Label Sensor
  • Stainless cabinet type
  • Accumulation tray

  • Labeling Speed: 20-40 bottles/ min (Depends on Manual infeed speed )
  • Product Size: Diameter 20mm-125m / Height 30-160mm
  • Label Width: 10- 60mm
  • Label Length: 10-60 mm
  • Label Roll: Inner diameter 75mm / Outer Diameter 300mm
  • Power: single phase 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Air consumption: 2.3 cfm at 50 psi
  • Machine Dimensions: (L)591mm (W)746mm (H)1068mm
    (For reference only, the real drawing should be considered as final.)

Top Tamp Labeling Machine Top Tamp Labeling Machine
The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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